Astroyoga - the SUN @ Yoga Tribe, Zurich [14. Juli]

Astroyoga - the SUN

13:00 - 17:00

Yoga Tribe
K3 Rüdigerstrasse 17 / K6 Nordstrasse 195, Zürich, Switzerland
Dear Zürich Community, here's a workshop for you, for the first time in Switzerland!
We are a yoga teacher and an astrologer. We decided to work together and from our collaborations an Astroyoga workshops-serie was born in Berlin last year. Astroyoga is a mind-body journey through the zodiac constellations, a combination of yoga, meditation and astrological insight.

In this workshop in Zürich we will explore the Sun. We will enjoy this journey together, together we will build a circle of trust and exploration and together we will hold the space for each-others.

After a welcome-meditation, we will introduce the energy and the elements of the Sun on a psycho-astrological level. In the following yoga session we will try to resonate with that energy and to incorporate those elements, balance them and support their manifestation.
Each planet rules different parts of the human body and through yoga we will work on those parts in a subtle and profound way (for example: the Sun rules the third and seventh chakra, the heart and the circulatory system, the solar plexus, the arteries, the spine, the eyes, the right part of the body, etc.).
A sharing circle will follow, a moment to talk about the role of Sun within each participant’s natal chart and to understand its possible symbolism in everyday life. For example: your Sun is placed in the twelfth house in Aquarius and creates particular connections with other planets. What does that mean? How can you discover the potentialities and limits of that planet? We will try to identify the most significant questions for each participant in relation to the planet’s location within the natal chart* in order to encourage and spark potential channels of inner exploration. This sharing will fully respect each person’s personal sphere, but it is important that we all bring the openness and confidence necessary for a shared group experience.
Yoga Nidra (Yogi Divine Sleep) and shaman drum will softly go along with you through the conclusion of the workshop, while you are assimilating and processing.
At the end you will receive also some written informations about the Sun’s influences on your personal natal chart and yoga handouts with practices and poses related to the Sun.

*What is a natal chart? It’s a ‘cosmic fingerprint’ composed of the time, date, year, and location of your birth that can provide a lot of insights about the way we see the world around us. (If you want to know more about this topic, check out this article out:

«A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.»
Sri Yukteswar

No previous experience with astrology or yoga are requested, just and open heart and your beautiful Self. ♥

Because each individual chart requires work in advance, please register your participation by 06/07/2018. Places limited to max 12 participants. Registration by email – please include your name and your place, date, and time of birth: [email protected]
The event will be held in English.

Contribution: 100 CHF.
Full payment in advance is required for registration.
Anna Maria Scirè Scappuzzo
IBAN: DE68 1005 0000 1061 9479 43
Bankleitzahl: 100 500 00

About us:

Giorgia Pecora is a teacher of Astrology, an experienced trainer, a psychological astrologer and Akashic Record Reader. She founded the holistic project 'Door of Lotus'. She has been studying astrology for 5 years and she is currently offering workshops, and astrological and self-development courses in Berlin. You could find more information about her at the website:

Anna Scirè ended her 3 years long formation as a Hatha-Yoga teacher in 2009 in Italy and she just kept learning, teaching, asking, researching and organizing courses and workshops in Berlin, where she is based. Her classes are meditative, gentle and restorative and include some yin and fascial elements. Mantra, nidra and meditation are important components of her practice and she will be glad to share with you some sparks of them. More infos:

Please don’t forget to register by e-mail ([email protected]) before July, 6th and feel free to drop us a line if you have any question.

“We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with.” D.H. Lawrence

Looking forward with love! ♥
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