Refined sugar-free cakes and sweet treats @ Zürich, Zurich [17. Mai]

Refined sugar-free cakes and sweet treats

18:30 - 22:30

Gubelstrasse 10, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland
Learn how to prepare delicious gluten-free and refined sugar-free cakes and treats with confidence — in a practical, hands-on four-hour baking class.

Are you too scared to try baking? No idea which ingredients to use, or not confident following a recipe?

Baking from scratch can be challenging, whether you’re up against time, or just feel comfortable baking from recipes you did over and over again, it takes confidence to enjoy baking and to get excellent results.

My teaching method is hands-on baking. The goal is to get you to feel comfortable in the kitchen as soon as possible.

Baking confidently is less of about just the practical skills; it’s a mindset, a way of thinking that can apply to any ingredient. ...It is more about the composition and balancing the flavors.

And as with any skill, practice makes perfect. The only path to baking with confidence involves basic techniques and lots of preparation. During my classes, you will learn the methods of baking gluten-free, which you will be able to apply later at home in the comfort of your kitchen.

The refined sugar-free desserts have distinctive flavors combining established classic ingredients and twisting the gluten-free flours while they satisfy your sweet tooth in a natural and nutritious way. We will talk which elements can be connected easily to ensure your cake is a success every time you prepare it.

Baking cakes and making dough are about measuring with accuracy, for sure, but they are also about allowing yourself to be creative. And not all desserts have to be pastry-shop-worthy creations that take hours to make. Yes, there might be less flexibility in a flourless chocolate cake recipe than say a one-bowl cake. But like a one-bowl cake, many desserts can be composed of inventiveness and lots of joy.

Even the best world bakers learned many tips and tricks by practicing a recipe, and they become better, calmer, cleaner and more efficient.

I will teach you the three most important habits you need to make the overall experience a delight.

And I will show you how to master the secret in turning every cake you prepare for success. I develop new recipes on the go almost every day. The idea of piping a muffin or making a pie crust does not scares me, and should not scare you too either.

I grew up enjoying homemade baked goods, and I believe baking can be a lifestyle of day-to-day once you try it.

I will empower you with the skills and confidence to share your baking with family and friends. The kind of baking that you can do in the evening together with your kids or friends, or by yourself, once they are all asleep, This is the baking our grandparents did as a way of their daily comfort.

Here is what others say about after attending one of my baking classes:

"I took Andrea's first gluten- and sugar-free baking class in December 2017. We had a nice atmosphere, a friendly group of people; the evening was spiced up with an interesting quiz about (refined) sugar. Andreea brought great recipes, which made tasty (and healthy) desserts, and the cherry on top was that they were easy to prepare. I liked that she always gave alternative ingredients with the exact measures if we wanted a substitute(e.g., egg with chia seeds, etc.). Andreea was very well prepared, the location was a few minutes' walk to the train station, which was also convenient. I prepared the pumpkin cake a few days after we had baked it with Andreea; it was everyone's favorite that evening. I can just recommend everyone to participate her courses; it's completely worth it." Gabriela Ferenec, Sales and Distribution Manager at Monarchy Enterprises

"I attended recently the Refined Gluten-free desserts course that Top the Cake offered and I enjoyed seeing the positive energy and passion of Andreea, sharing with all participants how we can prepare quickly delicious and healthy desserts. Each of us had a chance to choose which deserts they want to help Andreea with the preparation. And we could all ask questions, learn tips about new useful ingredients, how to mix them, where to buy them and how to best use them. I liked that this course was very interactive, casual, experiential and it's totally worth value for money experience. " Mariya Oppermann, Learning Specialist at Nestlé

If you want to read more about me and stories from my kitchen, you can read here on my blog.

For more action from my daily baking routine and latest pictures of my latest cakes, you can follow me on my Instagram and Facebook account.

And on my Pinterest account, you can see what inspires me in my work.

Put your apron on, and join me to bake some gluten-free cakes!

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