Zurich Design Biennale – ETH ✕ MuDA @ Alter Botanischer Garten, 8001 Zürich Zürich, Schweiz, Zurich [vom 9. bis 10. September]

Zurich Design Biennale – ETH ✕ MuDA

9. - 10.
11:00 - 17:00

Alter Botanischer Garten, 8001 Zürich Zürich, Schweiz
The Robotic Pavilion

Lab Opening Times
Saturday and Sunday: 11am – 5pm

The ETH and the MuDA aim to introduce children to the playful and rational thinking behind technology and design to further their creative potential by cultivating their skills as future makers and programmers.

During the 4 days of the Design Biennale, the ETH x MuDA Robotic Pavilion designed by Gramazio Kohler, will be a place filled with two-stories of fun, off-screen, electronic and digital activities to introduce children to computational, logical thinking alongside the most basic of programming and design concepts. Kids will have the chance to engage with a variety of projects whether they are newbies who are just getting started, or already tech aficionados!

The first level of the Pavilion will be an experimental lab where kids from 8 years old to 101+ can join workshops, build prototypes, learn about circuits and soldering, electronics, programming and playing with our friends of 1s and 0s.

The second level will be a secret space where kids starting from 4 years of age will have access to a library of off-screen projects discovering exciting new worlds of pixels, algorithms, binary numbers, programming and robots mixing tech, play and creativity!

Nested in an incubator embodying innovative building techniques and creative design ― the Gramazio Kohler Robotic Pavilion ― the collaboration between the ETH and the MuDA is all the more natural and powerful that it addresses our future generations from an early-stage with the missions both our institutions hold at heart: inspire and empower.
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