Primal Practice with Aaron Cantor (USA) @ Sole Yoga, Zürich [19. August]

Primal Practice with Aaron Cantor (USA)

11:00 - 16:00

Sole Yoga
Röschibachstrasse 26, 8037 Zürich, Switzerland
In this 5 hour workshop all fields of primal practice will be experienced. We will heal, regenerate and re-organize our way of being embodied and we will laugh, be delighted, make friends and learn more about ourself. There will be a food break with some healthy snacks, but bring some food if you know you will be hungry.

**Open for beginners of yoga and/ or all body arts.

Foundations Of Physical Freedom:
A set of practices that nourish your body with a broad spectrum of healthy movement. Over time, these exercises form the neural networks and physical structures that generate vibrant health and foster physical freedom. These preparatory exercises teach you to:

*Modulate tone in your body
*Harness momentum
*Skillfully run the forces of ground and gravity through your system
*Quiet mental chatter
*Amplify awareness of your «inner body»
*Generate altered states of consciousness

Kinetic Koans:
Koans are Zen riddles that reveal our true nature. They cannot be solved by being clever. A koan is cracked when we see beyond the constraints that the question imposes. Kinetic Koans are movement puzzles that invite us to step beyond what the puzzle proposes, into an new relationship to self and space.

Infinite Play:
Play potentiates learning. Games create the conditions for play to occur. We can play from a «finite» or an «infinite» perspective. Finite play aims at ending play, victorious. The goal of infinite play is to continue playing. The games of Primal Practice are a space in which insight and skill arise and can be refined. The games pique curiosity, evoke laughter, cultivate physical intelligence and develop us as infinite players.

Friday: 18:30-21:00
Primal Yoga Flow

Saturday: 11:00-16:00
Primal Practice

Sunday: 11:00-15:00
Primal Play

3 Day Pass 229.-
Friday 59.-
Saturday 109.-
Sunday 89.-

If you have any questions call Tiffany at: 0787333919
Sign up at [email protected]
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